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Moses Christopher is a Portuguese-American singer-songwriter and musician, and a three-time International Portuguese Music Award winner. In fact, in 2015 he received the Best New Talent award with his song "Worst Enemy" and then in 2021 he received two more awards from the IPMA's with the songs "Voar" and "Magic Of The Moment". 
Active for over 10 years in the music industry Moses has always dedicated himself to developing his musical and songwriting skills. 
Influenced by a wide range of musical styles such as classical, blues, jazz, hip-hop and rock Moses Christopher is an artist without boundaries. 
In 2022 he released his first EP titled "Perception" which is a current representation of his artistic vision. His EP "Perception" vibrates and breathes a very alternative musical influence reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and David Bowie. 
Currently based in Aveiro, Portugal, Moses is working with his band performing live, and producing new songs for his next EP which will be released in 2023.

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